What to do about overlapping zones?



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    Aeon Matrix

    Hi Daniel,

    That's a good question.
    You should put the right square footage for the zone without adjustment.
    Instead, you need to specify an "equivalent Application Rate (AR)" for the zone.
    This is not easy to estimate. Using a catch cup to measure should be more accurate.
    But you can always use the "Smart Watering Adjustment" when you don't have accurate numbers for all the parameters.

    We just released a new feature to specify "Gallon Per Minute (GPM)" and "Number of Sprinkler Heads (N)" instead of "Application Rate (AR)" to describe flow rate.
    You can download the new app version 3.14.0 from the app store.
    You need to create a "Custom Sprinkler Head" to specify GPM for the sprinkler head and N for the zone.
    Please feel free to contact us at support@aeonmatrix.com if there's any question.

    Best Regards,

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  • Daniel Chapman

    I've got 3.14.0

    I was under the impression the app was taking the information like planting type, soil type, past rainfall, sun amount, slope, and configured adjustments to calculate a targeted gallons per square foot to apply to a zone.

    It'd then look at the number of heads and types to calculate the zone's gallons per minute flow rate. You'd then use this value and square footage to determine how long to run each zone to hit that targeted gallons per square foot value.

    If that's how it was calculating things, then if there is overlap that's unaccounted for, it'd dump way more water than necessary on the area.

    I'm probably way off on how this determines how long to run each zone for though, because I'm not seeing any changes in upcoming schedules based on adjustments of the square footage.

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  • Aeon Matrix

    Hi Daniel,

    Yes, we use weather data and your zone settings to calculate the amount of water in "inch" for a zone.
    If you think of your zone as a swimming pool, the "inch" value is like the height of the water in the pool.
    Then we use the "Application Rate" in "inch per hour" (how fast the water level rises or falls in the pool) to calculate the time it takes for a zone to apply the water amount.
    You might have notice that "zone area" is not needed in this calculation for watering schedules.
    That's why changing the zone area won't change your schedules, but it will affect the "water used"!

    Since you specify one of sprinkler heads for a zone, the "Application Rate" of this sprinkler head represents all the actual sprinkler heads combined. You can imagine that no matter how many sprinkler heads you have or how they are overlapped, all the water goes down to the same pool. That's why there is no need to know the actual number of sprinkler heads you have in a zone if we use "Application Rate" to calculate watering duration or water usage.

    In this new release, you can choose to use one of the 2 ways to represent the flow rate.
    But either way, we will use "AR" in our algorithm to calculate watering duration.

    1. "Application Rate (AR)" (one equivalent sprinkler head so you don't need to specify how many you actually have)
    2. "Gallon per Minute (GPM)" from the sprinkler head setting along with the "Number of Heads (N)" from the zone settings

    This equation describes the relationship between AR and GPM:
    AR = 96.25 x GPM x N (number of sprinkler heads) / Zone_Area (sq.ft)

    So if you have 3 overlapped sprinkler heads with a GPM value from the sprinkler head data sheet,
    "GPM x 3" will be the total water applied to a zone (the swimming pool) with "Zone_Area" in square feet.
    From the equation, we get the "equivalent Application Rate" of the "one equivalent sprinkler head".
    We then use the AR to calculate your watering schedules, not the "GPM x 3".

    As you can see, it's more accurate to measure water usage if you know the GPM of your sprinkler head. It's not easy or straight-forward to know the accurate AR for your zone. That's why we added this new feature to have a more accurate measurement for water usage.

    Please let me know if this is clearer.

    Best Regards,

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